Passing the Tests of Life is George Davis’ latest book. If you’ve found yourself going around in circles dealing with the same issues over and over again, it’s time you pass the test that life is throwing you so you can go on to do great things for God! In Passing the Tests of Life, you’ll see why certain obstacles come your way and how you can win over them!


Hello Pastor Davis, I live in Stockton, California, the city that is #1 in crime, but that’s subject to change; we are praying. The reason I am writing is to share with you what the Lord is doing in our city with your book, Passing the Tests of Life.  As I read it, I started reading it to my husband and I told him this was a good book and maybe we should have some people over to share it with them.

My girlfriend came over and I shared with her the book and she said, “This book is great!” I told her if she would like, we could get together and read the book together, so we agreed along with my husband to get together on Tuesdays. To make a long story short, we now have a total of seven people that meet up to read the book.

I also shared it with some co-workers and they said they would like to get together. So we meet on Fridays in the basement of our courthouse. It started out with only three of us, but last Friday, we had seven people.  When they all came in, I was in awe!  As they sat, I said, “Father, what are you doing? Whatever it is, I will answer the call.”

My friends have been serving the Lord for a long time, and they have not advanced in the Kingdom of God. I told them that God is looking for a people that will just pass the test; He is building his front-line army and we are to get ready.

Well! I just love what God is doing through your book and the blessings it’s bringing to us.  In the beginning I purchased 5 books. Later, I purchase 7 more.  Once the bookstore placed an order, I purchased 5 more, buying all the books they had!

Well, I guess you’ve got the idea of how we are being blessed in Stockton, CA.  Watch out!  We are a city that God is showing how to pass the test, and we are helping others do it, too.  We are being promoted!

Thank You so much!

D. Fierro