What are small groups? Why should you attend, host or lead one?

Based on Acts 2:41-47, we believe that church and home gatherings are both necessary components to help believers grow to their fullest potential in Christ. Through Small Groups individuals connect weekly all over the city to promote worship, fellowship, discipleship, service, and evangelism. They serve to make our large church small and allow people to live life together. It’s the family within the family.  Regardless of your interests, we have all types of groups available such as: Family & Friends, Men’s, Women’s, Couples, Singles, Single Parents, Workplace, Healthy Living, Sports Lovers, Grandparents and a whole host of others (see link to access the directory of active small groups). If we don’t happen to currently have the type of group you’re looking for, we’ll help you start it. If Jesus had a small group that He was a part of, so should you! Come and join us, as we all help one another live well balanced, spiritually healthy lives.